Mar 10, 2014

Step 25. Like a kid

I felt silly buying a painting kit for myself, but I really wanted it when I spotted it in a gift shop. The kit was something I would've liked as a kid, and I indulged myself with the purchase. And, I figured this would be a good way to try painting, which I've been wanting to try lately.

First came the leaves. I missed the firmness of working with a pencil and I missed mixing colors right on the paper. I did like that I could paint a lighter color on top of a darker color once the dark paint was dry, though.

By the last leaf, I got the hang of the brush and paint.

Painting the blue flowers was the best part of the project. I need to find some blue morning glories in my neighborhood so I can sit by them and draw them in blue, glorious blue.

I should've stopped after the flowers, but the kit included gold leaf for the background.

Eh. This part was clumsy, though the photo picks up flaws that aren't as noticable in real life. I'm not crazy about how the project turned out, but I had a blast making it, and I re-lived childhood excitement of working with a new kit. I don't think I'll be in the market for another kit for awhile, but I will try painting something on my own now that I got a start.

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