Apr 4, 2014

Step 27. Visit friends

On an Artist Date at the Met yesterday, I visited some of the pieces I've drawn in my current sketchbook.


  1. Wow! What wonderful drawings! You are a wonderful artist!

    I really appreciated seeing the size of your notebook. I was surprised to see that your art is smaller than I expected, and yet it is still beautiful and demands attention. I tend to create art on larger pieces of art paper which takes a long time to complete. This limits how the variety and amount of art I can make. I am inspired by you to create smaller artwork now.

    Thanks for sharing your notebook.


  2. Thanks for the comment, Charmayne. My museum sketchbook is indeed small - easy to carry and hold when I'm sketching on the run. I'll try to post size references in photos in the future so it's obvious the sizes of the pages. I haven't sketched in awhile, so that will be the first step! :)


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